Sunday, October 5, 2008

always fun.

A Tag
I am: a greatful alcoholic.
I think: that everyone deserves to hear my opinion.
I know: that i am blessed
I want: my family to be happy.
I have: a great wife who i have been fortunate enough to convince that she is married to a great guy.
I miss: being married and free to do what we want and go where we want .( pre babies)
I fear: life without Janel
I feel: tired to much work and not enough time with my family
I hear: Heroes on TV and Brennan snoring on the couch.
I smell: the soap I washed my hands with
I cry: Very seldom and wish that I could cry more
I usually: show up for things 15 minuates early
I search: for more ways to show my wife that I love her.
I wonder: whats going on in my house when it gets tooo quiet. ( two kids unless they r sleeping or getting into some kinda trouble it dosent get quiet)
I regret: some of the things that I have done to my body
I wish: I was rich and not just so darn goodlooking. LOL yeah right
I love: my wife and kids with all my heart
I care: about people that I cant help
I always: try to do my best at whatever i do
I worry: about my family being taken care of if something happens to me.
I am not: a dancer
I remember: 8 track tapes , black and white tv , not having a remot for the tv, and life before Janel ( just for the record I didnt like any of them.)
I believe:in Jesus Christ
I sing: in my truck and at work
I don't always: like the people that i have to work with
I argue: as little as possible
I write: like a doctor
I win:
I lose: most things I compete in
I listen: to music during the day when I'm working because I love it.
I don't understand: algebra
I can usually be found: at work or at home with my family
I need: Janel
I forget: way to freakin much
I am happy: when i have serenity in my life and that depends on my spiritual condition with my heavenly father.

if you havent done this one then Im tagging you , have fun.

1 month later

Well I'm sorry that it took so long but life has been KRAZY since Gustav. Well we as a family are doing great. Our house sustained no damage from the storm but we did have a powersurge that fried our computer ( Janel fixed it for 40 dollars ), the TV ( my sister Rhonda gave us an extra one that she had, and it actually has a remote so we upgraded ), our modem and our router ( our friend Joey gave us a modem that she wasnt using ) , our PS2 and our Nintendo WII ( they are in the shop being repaired. ). We lost a section of fence in the back but we were able to nail it back up with no problems. We also lost the gate from the side of the house, but we are going to extend that side of the yard all the way up to the front of the house so we are in the process of having our land surveyed so we know exactlly were we can build. We were without power for 8 days we have a generator so we were able to have a window unit in our bedroom and we all slept in our room so we could keep cool. We were able to run our washer but not the dryer, so we hung our clothes out on a clothes line. We did well but it cost us a small fortune in gas for the generator but we survived. Janel and the kids are doing great, Brennan celebrated his third birthday in August and he growing fast. Kate is running all over the house and talking more everyday. Janel is a great mother and the best wife that I could have ever been blessed with. As for me the storm has blessed us with ALOT of work .