Sunday, August 31, 2008

Well here we go again.

This will be written for our extended family and also to vent my concerns. Its freakin crazy around here. as you all know HURRICANE GUSTAV is on its way. It seams to be like a hungry cajun looking for some gumbo or something they (hurricanes) seam to love Louisiana. Well we are all buckled down and waiting it out here in the Rabalais house. We have generator hooked up and ready to go we have 110 gallons of water stored in 55 gallon drums that I bought from the Coca Cola plant. We have food storage coming out of our .... well lets just say we have enough. contra-flow started at 4 am this morning for those leaving New Orleans. The word is that this one will probably be worst than KATRINA. I love the fact that 2 of our 3 kids are too young to know to be worried. I dont have any crazy stories about the way people are acting other than they are like a bunch of ants, just folllowing in really big lines. Ok so of course Im watching the news as I type this and just saw the projected path to come just west of our town. What does that mean for us ? Well that means that we will be getting the worst part of the winds and rain with estimated rainfall at 13 to 20 inches within 24 hours starting monday. We got an e-mail last night saying that we are only going to have Sacrament meeting this morning, so that we can continue to either get ready or leave which ever people are doing. Not many people that we know are leaving but the southern parishes are having mandatory evacuations. One of my brothers that live in Jennings brought his family to my dads in Mississippi. well please keep us in your prayers. I will update as I can.