Monday, March 24, 2008

pictures of Brennan and Michael


Kate in her Easter Bunny coat.

Other cute pictures of Kate.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

No real headlines just cute pics of the kids.

Its 12:20 Friday morning do tyou know where your kids are?

Well I can answer that one with a big fat yes.Brennan woke up about 45 minuates ago and has screamed until the entire household is awake. Ya know I love him but there are times when that you just dont know what to do with them. Now Im wide awake and dont even feel tired.He only wants Janel but he wont stop talking about everything his litttle mind can think of. Sorry to grip and complain but just needed to vent. Dont worry wont make it a habit. I like to be a happy blogger.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Life is good.

I was checking the blogs and realized that I hadnt written in a while. mso I wanted to write to let everyone know that we are doing fine. Ya know its that time of year so my wife wiull be leaving me again soon to go to Arizona, for the remaing part of tax season. As of right now Janel's mom is in town and its always nice having her here with us. They will be leaving next Tuesday so I'll be by my self again for 2 weeks. Work is doing well and the kids are great. We now have a family team meeting on may6th and c ourt on may 7th. so hopefully the judge will make a decission then and not drag this process out any longer. So please keep us in your prayers, but more importantly keep the kids in your prayers , as we know this is more about them and thier well being than it is for us. see ya later.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Passing on the tag.

20 years ago: I was young and dumb. Just out of school, working in the welding field. Just out of trade school, looking for a good time, anywhere I could find it. Wheather it was legal or not.

10 years ago: I was fresh out of a relationship that tore my heart out and sacraficed it over an open flame, @ least thats what it felt like at the time . I was doing EVERYTHING in life that I should not have been doing.

5 years ago: My entire life has changed. I have met the woman of my dreams and we have been married just over 2 months . I have never been happier in my life.

3 years ago: We lived in Arizona , we were rebuilding homes and really looking forward to moving back to Louisiana.

1 year ago: We have moved back to Louisiana, a year ago. We have decided that we would try to adopt a child since it seemed that we are not going to be able to have our own. We are very excited about this possibilty. We have also planned a cruise to the western Caribean for our 5th anniversary.

Yesterday: My wife, sister-in -law, the 2 kids that we are trying to adopt and myself .We all went downtown and visited the planetarium, had some pizza and came home. I went to visit Josh and Stacey and kids to help with some remodeling planning. They came over for dinner and we had crawfish, then played Catch phrase, we had a blast.

Today: We went to church, I had a meeting early this morning and we just got home not to long ago . We had dinner and now I'm updating my blog.

Tomorrow: I will wake up and go to work come home and find my life to be the most blessed that it has ever been, the kids will be running around the house at least one of them will be crying . And my beautiful wife will be here, what a miracle my life has become.

so there I have completed the Tag and I'm tagging all of your husbands since it seems that I'm the only guy who is doing this tell your huisbands I tagged them and waiting for thier responce.