Monday, April 28, 2008

more pics

Kate in her new suit.
This one is a picture of a sandcastle that Janel built and Huricane Brennan destroyed.
This is the kids new ride that we bought to go to Jazzfest well FYI. You cant bring one of these into the festival. Oh yeah thats us in the background.
Janel and her sister Amy.
This was our movie night at the camp we rented in Grand Isle.

Pics from our weekend.

This was Brennans favorite part of the weekend . He loves theSunday morning walkinh on the beach. Brennan is trying to convince me that we neewd to go play in the waves.
Check out those bathing suits that the kids have makes them look so buff.
Look at me I'm so cool.
Sunrise on the Gulf of Mexico.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jazz Fest and Grandisle

Just thought I would write about our weekend, Janels family all came into town with the exception of her brother Peter and his family and we are sorry that they couldnt make it . Well I took Friday off and we went to Jazzfest. We were able to see a few small name bands that we didnt know, and we also saw Robert Plant and Allison Kraus, then Sheryl Crow headlined. When she was done singing we left and headed to Grandisle. Janel had planned the trip and we had 2 cabins rented for the weekend. It was fun. We got to play in the ocean on Saturday and Brennan loved the waves. He and I walked out about 50 yards and the water was about chest high but when the waves came in they were head high and he just laughed so hard. He loved the water hitting us in the face, he would laugh until he couldn't catch his breath so we would turn our backs to the waves for awhile . We bought the kids these swimsuits with built in floatation in the chest and backs so they look like they are all BUFF like they went to the gym to work out. Saturday night we found some fresh shrimp and boiled them for dinner. We watched Harry Potter last night and all crashed early. But how does the saying go early to bed early to rise 4:30 Kate was awake so her and I played and about 5:45 Brennan woke up so then everyone else had to wake up. Thats just how it is. He cant be as quiet as kate and I . Well as soon as we get the pictures downloaded I will post them.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Tax season is finally over and I have my family back. I hate being alone. So everyone is back and doing well. And on to other news my mom had a knee replacement surgery on April 7th and I'm happy to pass on the good news that she is doing well. I'm gonna try to blog more often if I can.