Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More things I saw Continued.....

Look how cute , she is so excited that the wheather is good and she can play outside.
Sorry I couldnt get the picture to turn, but Sasha loving on Janel and Kate loving on Sasha.
Give me Kisses.
Now I dont like bumper stickers on my truck but this one was really kewl so I had to put it on my truck and display my love for my beautiful wife so everyone to see.

Things I saw when I got home today.

  • Well the first is Brennan playing outside and being excited.
  • These are the flowers ain our front yard.
  • Brenana said hey daddy look I'm in jail.

  • This was kind of an accident but I thought it was kewl.
Lying in the front yard looking at the cloudless sky.

Our lives over the last few months.

Im noy sure what this look is supposed to mean but we get this one alot.
We thought that this one was really cute . She found this picture of Ethan one of our friends kids who she has never met , but she wouldn't put the picture down and if she thought you were after it she would run and laugh like crazy.
This is a picture of Janel and one of her collage friends we got to see when we went to AZ.
Man I love this kid here he is just shoving cake down his mouth.
Janel's dad with the kids, look at the expressions on thier faces.

Monday, February 11, 2008

sorry its been so long.

Life has been really busy lately, with moving and minor re-modeling, and kids and work and church callings and the list goes on. But I am happy to report that we are all doing well. Janel had a case of strepthroat but she is finally over it . We went to see the Hudds tonight to see thier new little addition to the world. We are going to call him D.J. HUDD. He is much cuter than Adam even tho the proud daddy thinks he looks like him . LOL All I can say is that I hope all of you couples who are having all of these boys theach them how to treat a girl well cause I have one of the only girls around thier age . LOL I will try to get some pictures posted soon .