Saturday, January 12, 2008

help she's walking and getting into everything.BUT SHE IS SOOOO CUTE.

more pictures of our house and kids.

Well for all of you who havent seen it yet this is our new house. We love it , it will be very nice once we have everything in its place .( sometime next year)
Welcome to our living room . Most people would call that a fireplace but to Brennan its "his train" so as you can see he has talked some of our friends into taking a train ride with him , probably to the zoo.
Brennan wanted to try on one of my shirts

Thursday, January 10, 2008

No my fingers arent broken .

Well its been a while since my last post so I'll try and catch everybody up. We had a great Christmas and a nice slow new year. 2 days after christmas i was at work using a razorblade and sliped and cut my finger wide open. I went to the doctor and he said I was very lucky I cut down to the tendon but didnt cut thru it so he put 5 stitches inside and 10 on the outside.. I pulled the stitches Sunday at church.
The next day Janel and I bought our first house. We moved in the next day. Much thanks to all of our friends who helped with the move, we love ya. We are still unpacking.
Well tonight thursday the 10 Janel is getting over the bug that she had and now I have it. I feel like I have a major hangover. and it hurts "I swear I'll never drink again." How many times have I said that. LOL
Kate is walking now and she is so excited that she can walk she will walk all over the house with no particular destination just so she can walk.
Next Thursday we are all going to Arizona, I havent been there in over 2 years, just to busy with work. Im actually going to escourt my family out there and drop them off. I will be returning Sunday but they will return in 2 weeks. Ya know its TAX SEASON so I loose my wife during this time of year.
We have alot of stuff ( I call it junk ) Janel calls it a garage sale. so if you are interested , contact Janel. Ok well I feel like crap so im gonna end for now