Monday, September 1, 2008

pre Gustav pictures

Just thought I would show yall some pictures of our house before the storm .

And heres one of our little ones playing in the front yard. \

Gustav damage report in Rabalais country

Well here are some pictures of the tree that woke us up. I was able to get a chainsaw from a friend and cut it off of the house before the weather gets worst. Im allmost positive that it caused no damage except for a loose fence now and a stretched out gutter. wishing everyone well and we will keep everyone informed untill we loose power. We have allready lost cell fones.

Good Morning GUSTAV.

I just thought I would give everyone an update before we lose power. @about 5:10am I heard something so I got up and thought that it was the plywood that I had cut yesterday to cover my backdoor had fallen. So I opened the back door and to my surprise a small tree with about a 10 inch trunk had broken in half at about 4 or 5 feet off the ground , and came accross our fence and it is now balancing on our fence and gutter over my master bedroom. As of right now the only damage that I can tell is that its weighing on my gutter and pulling it down. As soon as the sun comes up so I can take some pictures Im gonna call some friends and get the tree cut and off the roof before it causes more damage. But just so everyone knows we are doing great.